Peek at the Week in Project Extra

Cami Webb

Take a Peek at the Week - Elementary

This week we went on a trip to Alaska to experience the Iditarod. Each student was assigned three mushers and their teams to follow this week We also built sleds and raced them for speed and weight. Finally, we played a game to see who can get to Nome first but our fates were all in the cards. Next week we are headed to Ireland for a wee little Irish adventure.

Students also started designing their cardboard creations of regret. I am amazed at how meticulous and precise they are being. The real artist is having so much fun following along and we hope to Skype with him soon!!

3rd grade got to eat their first salad from the Garden Towers! I love watching kids randomly going up to the tower and grabbing a piece of Kale or Lettuce to just snack on!!

We also spent some time talking about International Women's Day and some of the amazing women that have impacted our history. The students even mentioned their own and Mom, you were on the list a ton!!!

Peek at the Week - Middle School

I am sure you are not surprised that the kids had a lot to say about what was going on in the world last week and needed to process it out. I showed them how to check sources to make sure that the information they were reading was legit and not rumors or fake. I also showed them some of the most common things shared that either was proven real or were proven false. The biggest thing was to think and analyze before you share.

The Stock Market Game took a dramatic turn for the worse and most of our teams, as the whole world, lost money! They are beginning to see trends and looking at what are good investments, timing, and holidays impact etc... This we focused on the why of the turn and some of the vocabulary that came with it. A bear market, corrections, crashes, etc... and what do people do during this time.

6th grade planned an Irish challenge adventure for the elementary kiddos and 7th and 8th grade started designing their 9 foot Viking cardboard ship of regret! It's going to be amazing!!! There is a lot to think about with a structure like that and the design and engineering that needs to go into play.

Affective Needs - Emotional

Have you ever interpreted your child as overreacting to a perceived injustice that you know your neighbor’s kid would take in stride? Does your child have surprisingly deep, personal relationships with others, animals, or even toys? Do they alternate between extreme joy and extreme sadness with relative frequency?

These are some of the ways the emotional OE expresses itself.

Many gifted children, particularly teenagers, who struggle with the emotional OE are misdiagnosed with mood disorders. They are told that something is wrong with them, that they are too sensitive and need to “toughen up.” They are pathologized by well-meaning people who truly want to help but just aren’t educated on gifted theory.

This is a big part of the reason why gifted advocacy is so important.

There are many reasons to appreciate the emotional OE. First and foremost, the emotional OE is the source of your gifted child’s amazing empathy. Have you ever been taken aback by your child’s demonstration of care for another child who is hurting? In my opinion, this is the most wonderful way the emotional OE expresses itself.

While the emotional OE can be intense for everyone involved, there are ways to lessen the impact.

When possible (and sometimes this can be extremely difficult, so be easy on yourself), anticipate the situations that are going to trigger this OE in your child. Situations may include sad or emotionally-intense movies and books, harsh or insensitive people, or sometimes a change in a plan to which the child was deeply attached.

Then, when your child’s emotional OE is triggered, take a moment and slow down to connect with them. Check in, ask them their feelings, and never minimize. They may be too overcome to communicate their feelings in that moment; make sure your child knows that you are there for them when they are ready.

You’ll be so touched by what they share when they feel comfortable to let their emotional OE unfold at their own pace. And the intensity of the impact will be minimized over time.

I am sharing some articles below that may help with anxiety and fear and how it impacts gifted students. Please let me know if there are any other resources you might need.

Project Extra Open House - April 8th 3:30-7:00

To ease the number of events that everyone has to attend, I am going to have our Open House the same night as Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences. We will set up our Passion Project displays in the cafeteria just like last year, and we will display some other projects that we have worked on throughout the year. It will be a come and go, nothing formal and the kids will not have to stay with their displays because I want them to have the opportunity to walk around and see everyone else's.

Students have been working on their projects and there are some really good ones. They will need to display them in some way so a trifold board or a poster board. Some are doing computer presentations but making a sign so that people know what to do when they get to their station. If they could please have their displays ready to be set up at school that day, we will set them up after school so that we are ready.

If you have any questions or need help with supplies, please let me know!!

Gifted Opportunities

I added the College for Kids link because some of you said you couldn't find on the smore below! Let me know if I can help anyone that is interested.