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Dyslexia Information for Celina ISD Students and Parents

February 2021

Dear Families,

I cannot believe it is already February! I heard an analogy this week that I thought was perfect to describe the role that accommodations play in the life of a child identified with dyslexia. Young kids love to swim, but until they feel safe in the water, they will not get in. To help young swimmers build their confidence in the water, we provide them with an 'accommodation'...maybe arm floats. The same is true for a child with dyslexia. These students do not know how fun reading is because they do not feel safe reading. When we provide appropriate accommodations to students identified with characteristics of dyslexia, we allow them to "jump into" the world of knowledge that is reading. We wouldn't deny a child glasses if they couldn't see. We wouldn't deny a diabetic insulin. Why would we deny educational accommodations for our students identified with dyslexia? Accommodations are not "crutches"...they are simply supports to help level the playing field for students so that they can enjoy swimming in the deep end of reading!

Please make yourself familiar with the resources available in this newsletter to support you and your child(ren).

This newsletter will be linked to the Celina ISD webpage as well. I invite you to go check it out if you haven't done so already!


Lei Ann Stovall

District Literacy Specialist

SPOTLIGHT: House of Shine

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Become a stronger advocate by educating yourself or your family with these informative books that support students with dyslexia and address their social/emotional needs as well as their learning differences.

* Reviews included in this newsletter are paraphrased from


Region 10 Dyslexia Consultant, Nancy Disterlic, will be hosting several virtual Zoom dyslexia Parent Nights in March to help you as parents learn home strategies to support your child with dyslexia. Click the Region 10 Dyslexia Regional Website below for more information.

Dates: March 9th and March 23rd (English) and March 25th (Spanish)

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Region 10 Dyslexia Regional Website

For information about participation in the Region 10 Dyslexia Parent County Connection and attending the virtual parent nights, visit the Region 10 website using the button (link) above. See the Parent Information tab.

Region 10 Dyslexia Connects Newsletter

Visit the button (link) above to view Nancy Disterlic's February newsletter. She is the Dyslexia Consultant of Teaching and Learning Services at Region 10.


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If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Lei Ann Stovall

District Literacy Specialist