Acceleration by Graham McNamee

Matt Solley


Duncan, Wayne, and Vinny are 17 year old friends that are working at a large scale lost and found at a subway station. They get items that have been left on the trains such as sports balls, books and even shoes.


One day when Duncan was working at the lost and found he came across a leather diary. Duncan would quickly learn that this is not a regular diary. It contains data on experiments that he conducted such as how fast mice drown in different liquids. Duncan was disturbed but did not think anything of it. The next day at work Duncan picked up the leather diary to see what else this man had done. The owner of the journal had moved on to stalking people, specifically teen aged girls. Duncan called the police but they where not interested because there was no name attached to the book. So Duncan wanted to find who ever wrote the book before he killed someone.

Who is is for?

This book is for people that like mysteries and suspense, because it is very interesting and never gets boring. I personally really enjoyed this book because I could relate to the characters and wanted them to pull through and find who wrote the book.

Graham McNamee

McNamee has also written Hate You, Nothing Wrong With A Three Legged Dog, Sparks, and Acceleration. McNamee was born and raised in Toronto.