Facts About Food Advertisements

Facts behind nutritional supplements and food marketing


Bigger meals add up on your waistline and be really bad for your health. A 130 pound person would need to lift weights for an hour and a half to burn off the difference between an old portion size of a sandwich and today's portion size.

There are many hidden health hazards for fast food

Think again before getting fast food

When you get fast food, ask yourself questions that could determine whether or not you get the food: If I get this, could I get diabetes later? Am I really even hungry? Is this a good choice? Do I have to get the fries that come with this burger?

It's always good to look at your options when it comes to fast food. Your body will thank you later and you won't have as many health risks as other people that are overweight.

Ads are most likely fake

Advertisements never tell the whole truth. The thing you liked on TV isn't going to look the same or be the same in person. They are just trying to get you in their restaurant. Most of the time, the unhealthy, fatty, and sugary foods are cheaper than the healthy ones.