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Sensory Deprivation

What is Sensory Deprivation?

Sensory Deprivation is a technique by which sensory input is minimized. It is used for 2 main things. Those are TORTURE and RELAXATION.

Some Facts and Myths

Sensory deprivation can be used in two completely different ways; torture and relaxation. It is used as torture by putting the subject under extreme discomfort. This is done by taking away certain senses, like putting a bag on a subject's head to get rid of sight, earmuffs to minimize sound, and more. Some people find the tank versions relaxing while others find it extremely uncomfortable. There are many stories about people going insane afterwards and people who came out as a different person, knowing new things about themselves. On the torture subject, the method of using sensory deprivation for torture works extremely well. Steph Curry actually goes into a deprivation tank every two weeks for his own health, and because he loves being in them!

People's Experiences with Sensory Deprivation

Mason O.J and Brady F. have come to the conclusion that 15 minutes in a deprivation tank can cause hallucinations to the person in it, on certain occasions. Some people have even had heightened senses of smell after the 15 minutes, and some people have even "sensed" an evil presence in the room. The overall results however, is that people find it extremely relaxing and want to experience it again and again. People have completely different results, and that is because of their state of mind at the time and how they react in the tank. If they stay calm inside the tank, they will most likely find it relaxing. Another person named John C. Lilly was one of the first to see what would happen when you minimized another's senses. John later created the first isolation tank!


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