Biotechnology Bill of Rights

By: Parker Carman

Amendment #1

To experiment on type of human or an animal you have to get approval from the families owners. The scientists would also have to get approval from the government.


The reason why this should be amendment is because the family would want to know what is happening to that person and the government would have to know because they need to make sure if this experiment would be safe for the human or animal.

Amendment #2

You can not experiment on biotechnology for fun you have to use it for medical purpose and good purpose.


The reason why we should have this amendment because you can't just use it to make a glow in the dark dog but instead you should use it to find a cure for a bad disease.

Amendment #3

You have to be over 25 to have biotechnology be tested on you and you also have to sign a waiver.


This should be an amendment because if you are not an adult when you are 13 and it could be dangerous to that person and we would not want a kid getting hurt.

Amendment #4

You can not use biotechnology for a bad purpose that could potentially harm or kill the patient.


This should be an amendment because you could seriously get hurt or they could die