France in the 1800s

By: Jazmin Sanchez

Marriage in the 1800s

In the 1800s the women were expected to get married and have kids.They had to get married so that the men would protect them. The mortality of men back then was higher than the women's. The women had to take care of children and do all the house work like do laundry,make food, etc.This was until passing the 1882 Married Property Act.


The life for an aristocrat was easy. They are considered the "high class"It was easy for them because they were mostly royalty or lords. The kids had good education.They have some type of power and the kids are mostly born in the rich family.

French Bourgeoisie

The French Bourgeoisie are the middle class. They work and they have a good amount of money . It just the right amount so that they can feed their kids and family.They went to public schools if they could.


Proletariat people are low class people. They are poor and have no money. They had no education and where usually slaves. They had to work A LOT to have a little amount of money for food.