Siberian Tigers

By: Mrudhun Arivalagan


  • Mammalian
  • Weighs more than 600 pounds
  • Are 9-12 feet long and 3.5 feet tall
  • Communicate in two ways: vocalization and scent
  • Could consume up to 100 pounds of food at one time
  • Have long whiskers that help find their way in the dark
  • Have large paws like snowshoes which helps them move through the snow
  • Has a special layer at the back the eye called "taetum lucid" which increases their night vision
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  • If a cave is available, the tigers might use it as a den
  • They are top predators so they can sleep undisturbed wherever they find themselves
  • Territory may be hundreds of square miles in area
  • Make their habitats in woodlands and forests
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  • Have thick fur (105 mm of hair) to protect themselves in the freezing temperature
  • Their feet/paws have soft pads, and long, retractile claws
  • Can run at speeds of 50-60 mph
  • Do not hibernate or migrate
  • Their hindlimbs are longer than their forelimbs for jumping
  • They hunt and live alone except for mothers who have cubs
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Food Chain

  • They eat wild boars, deer, lynx, and jackals
  • They also hunt birds and fish
  • Omnivorous
  • They are the top predators in the food chain other than the humans
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Reasons For Endangerment

  • People poach them for their fur and their body parts used in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • People cut down forests for wood and paper which destroys their habitats
  • Global warming is increasing heat on earth and melting the ice
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Critical Information

  • There has been sections in North Russia closed off for the tigers to recover
  • There are only 400-500 Siberian Tigers left in the world
  • These animals help keep stable population of other animals
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