Al Capone and His Life Of Crime

By Robbie Burke

Capone's Early Years

Al Capone was born January 17th, 1899 by Gabriel and Teresina Capone. When he was young and in elementary school he was a good student, but in his early teen years he was not a good student/kid. He made a group that would chase down kids that took people's things then he marched back and had a parade to show himself off. He also slapped a teacher when 14.

Capone's Crimes

Al Capone committed many crimes but some of his worst crimes are the following: St. Valentine's Massacre, Bootlegging, and running brothels. In those brothels he had sexual interactions with many women and also promoted women in inappropriate ways. The bootlegging was to get money from people. That's probably the only thing he cared about himself and money.

But his worst crime was the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. The reason he did that was to eliminate competition. He also did that because he wanted revenge. The people he killed were Bugs Moran and his gang. Al Capone created a diversion by having a beer seller come to a car garage. While they were busy getting alcohol two of Al Capone's men dressed in police clothes and sped towards them in a stolen police car. They then came out and Bugs Moran and his men surrendered immediatly. After that they shot them all dead except two people Bugs Moran and one of his gang.

Prison for Crimes

One fateful day in 1931 Al Capone goes to his trial for tax evasion. He goes in and pays off the jury, intimidating witnesses, he also pays off the jurors in the case. Right before the trial the judge changes everybody out and Al gets sent to prison. He is sent to prison for tax evasion and a fine of 80,00 dollars. Before he was sent to Alcatraz he basically worked his job from jail he also brought things into his jail cell to make it seemed more like home. When the police saw he did that they decided they didn't want him to run his business from there so they sent him to Alcatraz there he couldn't even communicate to anybody but family.

Al Capone's Final Days Before His Death

After a while of having a disease called syphilis it had escalated to neurosyphilis. After 6 and a half years in Alcatraz they moved him to the mental prison hospital in Baltimore. His health started to rapidly get lower. He was released and, he went to his wife's house in Miami and lived the rest of his life out. He died of a Cardiac Arrest on January 25, 1947.