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Stunning Villas in Lloret de Mar

Villas in Lloret de Mar, the largest seaside resort in Costa Brava, are amongst the most sought after holiday accommodations in Costa Brava. Tucked with comforts of modern living, the holiday homes woo visitors to Costa Brava for a peaceful vacation.

Lloret de Mar is a southerly town in the province of Girona. Combining the rich seaside tradition with a cosmopolitan ambiance, Lloret de Mar offers the perfect setting for a pleasurable holiday. To get most out of your vacation in this stunning Catalan town, you will need a comfortable accommodation where you can relax before preparing for activities on the beach, in the sea and the leisure facilities of the town.

Why stay in a villa in Lloret de Mar

Villas are preferred by holidaymakers for their privacy that is missing in hostels and bed and breakfast accommodations with shared facilities. In addition, the self-catering facilities allow vacationers to cook their own meals. Hence, holiday villas are the perfect accommodation option for people who want to enjoy their vacation their way. Without waiting in breakfast queues and worrying about finding a vacant spot for sun bathing by the poolside, you can use the facilities in a holiday villa your way.

Features of holiday villas in Lloret de Mar

Villas in Lloret de Mar come in all shapes and sizes. There are simple houses with strong local features as well as luxurious modern houses. To experience the charm of typical Spanish living, consider renting a Catalan house steeped in tradition. In Lloret de Mar, several historic houses have been converted into holiday homes that offer an insight into traditional Spanish life.

Lloret de Mar is packed with modern holiday properties that perfectly blend with cosmopolitan ambiance of the resort. With an impeccably furnished interior and an aesthetically appealing outdoor area, the vacation homes are designed for luxurious holidays. A private swimming pool, luxuriant garden, outdoor barbecue area, solarium, fully equipped kitchen, upscale furnishing and balcony offering a stunning view of the surrounding are the common features of the vacation homes.

Villas locations in Lloret de Mar

The most popular holiday properties are located on the beach. The view of the sea from the balcony, terrace or lawn enhances the attraction of the villas. Lloret de Mar also has several lovely holiday homes inland, a short distance from the beach. In the countryside, in the neighborhood of Lloret de Mar, there are a number of comfortable farmhouses and cottages that are rented out to tourists.

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