Seychelles Travel Authorization



The appropriate local authorities will issue the Seychelles Travel Authorization. You need to have the following information: passport or national ID. Photocopied images can be sent by post. Full name, date of birth, registration number, contact information (cell phone and email, postal address)

To enjoy the Seychelles Safari, you will need the valid Seychelles Tourism Authorization. Before you travel to the Island, you will need to show the authorization to the authorities. There are many authorized vehicles to get around the Island and you need to follow the correct routes. Driving permits are required for anyone who drives. You may be required to obtain a special driving permit from the authorities in the Seychelles if you are from overseas.

Port Elizabeth International Airport is located in Port Elizabeth. However, buses, vans, and cars can be taken from Gyeongju, the capital. If you decide to rent a car, you should get a copy of your passport and your Seychelles Travel Authorization so that the driver can take your vehicle to the border. You can check in to any of the budget airlines from the major cities. The International Airport is very busy and you may be waiting for your connecting flight.

Tourists who don't have a Seychelles Travel Authorization will be required to get a CVC from the airport. This will enable you enter through passport control. CVCs are issued at the port of departure and they are valid for fourteen days. Tourists must obtain a new CVC after 14 days. Failure to obtain a CVC every 14 days will result in penalties.

It is possible for visitors who have acquired a Seychelles Travel Authorization and a CVC to be able to stay on the Island without a visa. The travellers do not have to get a visa as long as they maintain their Seychelles visitor status. However, they are not allowed to leave the island without travelling through immigration. Students who travel on student visas must obtain a student entry card from either the SIA (South African consulate) or their local government. Students have three years to obtain a student visa, but are obliged to remain on the Island for six continuous months after studying.

All tourists must stay on Seychelles and obtain a Seychelles Travel Authorization before travelling to another country. After they have met all requirements, they are allowed to travel to any country. They will be issued a visa on arrival and can stay on the island for the entire period they desire.