Maddy Graves


Titian was born in 1477 in Pieve di Cadore, Italy. He stayed in Venice, Italy for most of his life. He also lived in Rome for a short time then traveled back to Italy. Titian studied painting, religious pictures and focused on color. He went to travel and focused on painting and meeting other painters. Paintings which were related to mythology and religion. His patrons were Sabastiano Zuccati worked in workshops and he built things. Giovanni Bellini studied many paintings. Giorgioni collaberated in venice.

The Work

This is a picture of Madonna and Child which was created in 1510. Today if you where to got to The Metropolitan Museum of Art you can find this painting. Titian was the first to portray this painting and many other famous painters followed his idea. This painting is significant because of the colors. The color might be a symbol of something in his life. I find this painting interesting because of the bright colors and how it makes me feel happy. I also feel comforted as I look at it.

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