~November 2014~

Reading Mentor Program News to Use

American Education Week 2014

"With grit and passion, America's teachers give life to education's promise. Our education-support professionals help ensure the health, well-being, and success of our children. In small towns and large cities, principals and district administrators cultivate communities that value learning and share a common vision of academic excellence. Together, these leaders encourage our students to reach higher and inspire them to achieve their dreams. Great educators and administrators deserve all the tools and resources they need to do their job, including chances for professional development and pay that reflects the contributions they make to our country. They are the most critical ingredients in any school." ~ President Barack Obama

Students Must Know the Goal!

DIBELS Next Middle of Year (MOY) Benchmark is only 4 weeks away. This does not count the holidays! Progress Monitoring is the "Check-up" to determine if students will be Well-Below, Below, or Benchmark.

Great Readers Make Awesome Writers

Great Readers are made; they are not born. Children grow into great readers by learning great habits—accumulating a rich database of skills that add up to the ability to read fluently. Some children pick up those habits when adults read to them. Others will not reach those heights without targeted instruction in the classroom. In a habit-focused classroom, all students get abundant opportunities to practice new skills correctly, so when they sit down to read without our guidance, they can access those tools automatically.

~ Vince Lombardi


"Students Mourn at SGA Elementary, Sardis, GA From the Death of Words

Mrs. Katie Mobley's 2nd grade class at SGA Elementary, had a funeral last month. Students and other classmates cried and mourned about burying those "Dead Words"...never to be used again in their writings for this school year. The memories will linger from the time spent together and used in their writings. Students will move on to use more Tier 2 and Tier 3 words.