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January 30 - February 3

Principal's Message

Hello Bonsall Bear Families,

The Jog-a-Thon was a hit! It was so much fun to see students and families out on the track raising money for our school! We have yet to meet the $55,000 goal. You can donate until February 2, 2023. Please reach out to the PTA at if you have any questions.

Please follow ALL traffic patterns and rules when entering and exiting the BES parking lot. The right lane is for dropping students off at the curb. The left lane is for PASSING ONLY. I have personally witnessed too many students being dropped off in the passing lane which is unsafe. The red curbs in the parking lot MAY NOT be utilized as parking spots. It is extremely important that we all follow the expectations to ensure safety of both staff and students.

Our amazing librarian, Raeanne DuPont, will be highlighting library events in the BBN. Be on the lookout!

BUSD is having an art show! Thirty students from BES will be chosen to present their artwork at Sullivan Middle School in March.Please see the flyer below and contact Megan Sholdar if you have any questions!

Love on Your Back is in need of donations. Please see the flyer with the QR code below to support our BUSD families in need.

Students in 4th and 5th grade will have another opportunity to attend Rawhide Ranch's Animal Internship Program. Please click on this LINK for information and to submit your interest for this amazing opportunity.

The BBN has promoted support for our Bonsall Education Foundation all year. By giving to the Support Our Students (SOS) fund through the Bonsall Education Foundation, every dollar goes directly back into the classroom of Bonsall Elementary School students. Classroom teachers have the opportunity to purchase everything from books to STEM activities for their classrooms. BUSD is asking for a $25.00 donation per family to grow the SOS fund at their child's school. Your tax deductible donation goes directly to your child's school. BEF is also looking for new members/volunteers to continue the legacy of supporting all students of BUSD. Please reach out to Tisha Tokarz if you are interested and she will get in you touch with BEF.


Allison Fortney

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The BES Library Lowdown

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Health Update

In an effort to support the health and safety of our learning communities, the State of California has provided no-cost, at-home Covid-19 antigen test kits for families with students enrolled in Bonsall Unified School District. These tests are meant to assist you with quickly determining if your student may have COVID-19.

These at-home test kits can offer a safe, quick, and convenient way for students to monitor their health and help to reduce transmission. Test kits are available and can be ascertained at your student(s) school office.

We strongly encourage families to use the kits to test their children and report positive results to their school site. The results are important because they will allow us to proactively keep our students safe and our schools open for teaching and learning.

Thank you for your continued support and helping us keep our school communities healthy and safe.

Monthly Nutrition Menu

Please see the information below from our Child Nutrition Services regarding the nutrition menu.

Starting in January CNS will no longer be distributing a monthly breakfast and lunch menu. Frequent menu changes caused by supply chain disruptions is resulting in too many printed menu inaccuracies. There is a monthly menu published online that is more up to date, but not always perfect due to last minute changes. The link is This menu can be printed, as well. Click the printer icon on the right hand side of the screen.

Winter After School Enrichment Activities

Below is a flyer for our Winter Enrichment activities. Please click this LINK to register your student. If you have any questions, please contact John Norton.
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We are looking for a Paraprofessional at BES!

We love it when family and community members become part of our BES team! We currently have an opening for a Paraprofessional at BES. Please click the link below to apply!

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Donate to the Bonsall Education Foundation that supports BES teachers and students!

The Bonsall Education Foundation (BEF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization to help fund schools in the Bonsall Unified School District. Our mission includes the following:

* Support Our Students Program (SOS)
* After-School Enrichment Opportunities
* Bonsall Sprouts Garden Program
* Giving Tree Award
* Dale Costa Memorial Scholarship
* BHS College & Career Scholarship
* Student Internship Program with BHS
* Restoration of the historic Bonsall Schoolhouse

BEF works closely with BUSD administrators, teachers, students, parents and other community organizations to provide students with opportunities to enrich their school experience.
They are always looking for new members to apply their expertise and heart for the benefit of our school communities!

Go to to see the meeting dates for the year.


  • In order to check your child out from the office, whether it be for an appointment or because they are ill, you must have your ID with you. That could be a driver's license, a military ID, or any other identification that proves you, or someone on the emergency contact/release list, matches up with what our Aeries student information system has on file. Thank you for your cooperation with this.
  • I love my dogs just as much as you do. However, we have a NO ANIMAL policy on the BES campus. This includes in front of the campus during drop off and pick up of students. This is to ensure the safety of everyone, including your pet, while on our campus. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Gates will open at 7:55 a.m. this year. The time change supports the 15 minute adjustment to the start of the school day as well as promoting equity across the district. Please do not drop students off prior to 7:55 as there will not be any supervision.
  • For the 2022-2023 school year, California will continue to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students. Our cafeteria will begin serving breakfast at 7:55 a.m. Please see below for our November menu.

Important safety information

We all need reminders from time to time! These friendly reminders are to ensure the safety of our students, staff and family/friends picking up and dropping off kiddos in the BES parking lot. Please read carefully, be safe and choose kindness as you navigate the parking lots at BES.

  • You may not park in the red zone in the parking lots that are not part of our typical pick up and drop off patterns. You will be asked to move your car if you are parked, waiting to pick up your students.
  • The right lane is for drop off, the left lane is for passing. You may not use the left passing lane to cut over to the right drop off lane. Please be patient and wait in line with the rest of the cars waiting to drop off students.
  • Students can not get in cars unless they are in the designated pick up area which is past the second crosswalk. This is for safety as well as to keep the traffic flow moving.
  • Please follow the directionality of the parking lot arrows. We have had quite a few near miss accidents. That traffic plan was created to purposefully ensure safety and an efficient traffic flow.
  • School starts at 8:15. We offer a 5 minute grace period for students. However if you are continuously struggling to get to school on time, adjust your families schedule to ensure that your student arrives on time and ready to start their day on a positive note.
  • Lastly, please always be kind to one another and our staff. We appreciate your cooperation and support!

Counseling Corner with Mrs. Erickson

Mrs. Erickson's Counseling Corner

Mrs. Erickson's Counseling Corner

Welcome back to the Counseling Corner with Mrs. Erickson! This week celebrating The Great Kindness Challenge has been amazing! The students all week have been going through a check off list with their teachers of 50 different ways they could spread kindness on campus this week to promote friendship and an anti-bullying environment. The kindness doesn’t need to stop there, I am going to link a Great Kindness Challenge check off list that is made for families to do together! Have fun continuing to spread kindness!

The Great Kindness Challenge - Family Edition

If you have any questions or have suggestions for topics in the future, feel free to email me at

Important Contacts - Our Office Team

We are here to serve you! Please make note of these important contacts that greet you via phone or smile each time you have an interaction with our office team.

Office Manager, Tisha Tokarz - 760-631-5205 ext. 1100

Attendace/Registration, Sandra Esparza - 760-631-5205 ext. 1101

Health Tech, Brittany Wanzer - 760-631-5205 ext. 1102

Get your Bonsall Elementary Yearbook!

Please see the flyers below and purchase your yearbook early!
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Our Community Liaison - Leonor Rodriguez

Our district has an amazing resource at the district office to support families, answer questions and suggest resources. Leonor Rodriguez is our Community Liaison. You can reach her by phone at (760) 631-5200 Ext. 1000 or by email at Please click this LINK for her latest newsletter.

Click below to join the Bonsall PTA!

Coca Cola Gives Campaign

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