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$1.25--December 8, 2015--Issue 63

By: Breann Rushing, Sarah Mills and Felipe Lopez

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On the night of Friday November 13, 2015 an unexpected event occurred that tore apart the city of Paris. Seven separate attacks were planned throughout the city and the attackers carried both guns and strapped on bombs. Targets included a concert venue, restaurant and an arena hosting a soccer game that evening. They have been proven to be linked to the ISIS terrorist group.

Eight of the terrorists have been proven to be dead, seven of which were suicide bombers. Also, at least 130 people were killed and many others are in intensive care. ISIS assumed responsibility the day after the attacks and were quite proud of what they had accomplished in killing so many. This was a detrimental event to many of the people in Paris but they didn't allow this event to hurt them, instead it allowed them to come together as a country. America reacted by extending support to Paris the night of and weeks following the attacks. Obama also made an address on the topic of fighting back against terrorism.
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Editorial: Topic of Terrorism

In the US today terrorism and our security is a big topic on everyone's mind. With the recent attacks in both California and Paris, this is quickly becoming a larger issue that we must find a solution to. Fourteen people were killed and twenty one injured in the San Bernardino attack. At least 130 people were killed in the Paris attack and many more hurt. Obama gave an address on this issue recently, in hopes to relieve the anxiety throughout America. I feel we need to do something about these terrorists that are coming into our country and harming our people. Obama stated that in the act of defeating terrorists America must “not depend on tough talk or abandoning our values or giving in to fear. Instead, we will prevail by being strong and smart, resilient and relentless.” In my opinion Obama needs to come up with a plan to fight back against the terrorists, he is simply trying to ease the tension but is not doing anything so far to target the problem. When Paris was attacked, Russia immediately took action and bombed Syria. America should also plan to take serious action to prevent more attacks in the future instead of just easing fear.
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Millions flee in search of freedom

The civil war that has ruptured Syria has caused a massive migration of people. It has spread past the border countries of Syria and poured into the countries of Europe. Which for countries such as Germany is not such a bad thing. For the reason being that it’s the most supportive country in Europe encouraging the refugees stay in their country to create stable lives. However other countries such as Turkey have to deal with issues of large populations that have invaded passing through.

The civil war erupted from the civil uprisings that turned violent, this lead to government forces fighting against rebel forces. All the violence and anger has caused the terrorist group ISIS to generate support and gain control of certain sections of Syria. However it’s not just soldiers that are living in Syria, innocent civilians that want nothing to do with the war are caught right into the middle. These are the people that decided that the best option was to leave and start new lives. Yet this has become an issue for other countries’ security, because Islamic terrorist have decided to enter disguised as refugees. Such as the Paris attacks where over 130 were killed, with one of the terrorist having entered with the identity of a refugee. The issue has caused controversy and issues for not only Syria but the rest of the world, and now it is up to everyone to create a plan to put an end to all of this.
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Editorial: Syrian Refugees

Recently there has been disagreements regarding the allowance of Syrian refugees in America. There should be no disagreement, because without a doubt, Syrian refugees should be allowed in our country. What those opposed to allowing Syrian refugees are ignorant to is the fact that Syria is a country where beheadings and mass bombing are a part of daily life. Children living in Syria have no hope for a prosperous future, & are hindered in reaching their dreams due to a surplus of terror & war. 250,000 people have been killed. 250,000 people have been stripped of their dreams, taken from their families & children. Heartless people like Nev. Lawmaker Michele Fiore spew out hateful proposals against refugees such as “putting them down, blacking them out, just putting a piece of brass in their ocular cavity & ending their miserable life.” What kind of person says that? People who claim Syrians are Muslims would be correct. 90% of Syrians practice the faith of Islam. However, Islam does not promote terrorism or violence. Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam had a mission, according to Time Magazine, that was “devoted precisely to bringing an end to the kind of mass slaughter we witnessed in New York City & Washington.” An FBI study showed that 94% of terror attacks committed on U.S. soil from 1980-2005 were committed by non-Muslims. There is no reason not to allow refugees to enter America. They are innocent people trying to escape a broken country for a better life for them & their family. The absolute worst thing we could do is turn them away.

Racism or Heritage?

The Confederacy Battle flag has been around the south since the Civil War. The issue on whether the Confederacy Battle flag should be flown over government locations. This has been an issue since the end of the Civil War but now has escalated with the death of nine African-Americans at the death of a racist gunman. The issue happened in South Carolina and has since taken the controversy to the rest of the nation. The issue being whether or not the flag represents racism or if it stands as the heritage for the confederacy’s legacy.

The nation seems to be split on the issue of whether the Confederacy Flag that flies over the South Carolina capitol grounds should be removed because it is racist towards African-Americans. Even though the issue was addressed in the summer by the removal of the flag the question still remains the mind of the American people. Does the flag stand for racism or is it a heritage for the southern people? Although the flame of controversy on the flag has started to fade out all it takes for it to increase is one spark. The nation still has not come forth with a clear resolution of this topic, the people will get their answer if they push far enough.
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Cultural Corner

  1. ISIS armed with U.S. weapons

  • ISIS has obtained United States weapons from the iran allied military stockpiles.

  • The weapons range from rifles to tanks and anti-aircraft defense systems from over 25 different countries.

  • However ISIS is made up more of older soviet weapons such as AK-47s that have come from older wars in the area.

  1. The U.S. is running out of bombs to drop

  • The U.S. strategy currently are air strikes, and the U.S. has dropped 20,000 missiles and bombs on ISIS.

  • The U.S. is dropping more bomb than it can replenish.

  • The Air Force has even requested funding for Hellfire missiles.

  1. Venezuela’s Political Shift

  • First time in 17 years that the socialist party didn’t win a nationwide election.

  • They produce a lot of oil but the economy is terrible

  • 85% of people are unpleased with their current government.

  1. Iowa City’s Diversity

  • The University of Iowa has a lot of Chinese Students.

  • In 2007 there were around 100 chinese students and now there are around 3000.

  • The funding from Out of State cost makes universities want to look for international students.

  1. Russia and ISIS

  • The Russians started airstrikes in areas where there was no ISIS presence.

  • The Russians support the Syrian President, yet the US does not.

  • Russia at the beginning of its airstrikes told the US to stay out of the fight.

  1. Hurricane Patricia

  • It was a Category 5 Hurricane which is the strongest kind of Hurricane.

  • It was the strongest Hurricane ever recorded in human history.

  • The warmest waters are next to Mexico where the hurricane hit and warm waters cause hurricanes.

  1. ISIS and Money

  • Largest funded terrorist group ever.

  • Made half a billion in 2014 from bank robberies and other kind of theft such as chop shops and ransom.

  • They also make a large amount of money from smuggling oil.

  1. Turkey Shoots down Russian Jet

  • Turkey shot down a Russian jet after claiming to have warn the Russians before taking action.

  • Russia is installing the S400 which is an anti-aircraft weapon to protect Russian jets.

  • This would cause the US to airstrike the weapons or install electrical jammers.

CNN Heroes

Mrs. Kay Hawkins is our highlighted hero this week. No only is she impactful within her local community, but she has changed the lives of thousands. She is from Monroe, NC and now currently resides in Chinandega, Nicaragua. Mrs. Hawkins started a women’s clinic because the town in which she lived did not have a hospital due to a volcanic eruption. She provides free healthcare to impoverished women and she also works in the maternity clinic and helps deliver babies. She gives “new mom totes” to the new mothers so they will have some supplies in order to care for their baby. Mrs. Hawkins’ goal for 2016 is to build an emergency room for the hospital. It will cost $50,000, and as of now they have raised over $40,000. Mrs. Kay Hawkins is n o doubt a hero because she has positively influenced everyone around her.

Before you go

#1- School that teaches Santas to be the best they can be- teach them how to answer kids questions and show the children they genuinely care like Santa would. We chose this because we had no idea they had a “School for Santa” and thought it was really cool.

#2-Teddy bears in ice rink- A hockey team scores and people begun to throw teddy bears onto the court which will be delivered to children for christmas. We thought this was really sweet and a good idea to get lots of toys to donate to children for christmas.

#3- Back to the future movie in 1989 predicted 2015 with good accuracy- predicted Cubs winning world series, 3D movies, flat screen TV’s. We thought this was really cool that the movie was able to predict the future so accurately.

#4- Man in Arizona dressed up drone as a ghost for halloween

We chose this story because drones are something that are becoming prominent and we're seeing more of and it was really creative for him to think to dress up this drone for halloween and have it fly around like a ghost.

#5-Canton tower race- Charge up south China's tower 2600 steps up and 450 meters high

We found this story to be cool because it's such a long race and many different countries compete in it so it's very culturally diverse