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Current Events in 1880-1890

In 1880, the population was 2,637. In May of 1882, the San Diego telephone company started. Elisha Babcock and Hampton L. Story established the Coronado Beach Company in 1885 and purchased the entire 4185 acres for $110,000. In 1886 they brought to Coronado two brothers who were architects, James and Merritt Reid, to design what they had envisioned.
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Native American Life

Native Americans such as the Kumeyaay tribe lived in San Diego for around 12,000 years. Explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo discovered San Diego in 1542, 200 years before Europeans lived there. A fort was established in 1769 which expanded into a settlement under Spanish and Mexican rule.
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Farming in San Diego

The range steer was the first historical part of farming in San Diego. Life on a farm in the 1800's was not easy. Farming tools were mostly simple hand held iron tools. Some examples include the Scythe (sharp curved blade at the end of a pole to harvest grain. Midwest farmers lived initially in soddies (houses made of sod) and injuries were very common in this kind of life. Through these injuries, at least the soil was very rich and full of nutrients.

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I fully support the US government in there effort to relocate Native Americans and use force to those who disagree. They have been harassing my family and i feel like my family are in danger when they are around our homes.

Dear editor,

I respectfully disagree about the actions towards the Native American people. I feel like they should be able to live where they want and using force to make them leave does not help anything, I believe it makes the situation worse and makes them more hostile.