Team 8-2 News

Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Holloway, Mr. Salser, Ms. Waxman

General News!

Happy Monday!

With 14 more days of school left, it seems our "to do" list is not quite completed. Students should be returning the two textbooks that they have at home if they haven't already. This would be their language arts book, and their science text. Please have them return these ASAP along with any other borrowed materials they may still have at home. Missing library books, late fees, or fines need to be taken care of. Students who have not taken care of these responsibilities will not be permitted to attend the dance this Friday.

Just a heads up...We have been waiting on approval for an end of the year field trip. This is tentatively set for Thursday, May 12th. Permission slips should be coming home tomorrow with your students with further details. Please be advised that both grades and behaviors will be taken into consideration for participation in this trip.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

WOW/ZAP - May 6th (Last WOW/ZAP)

May 6th- 8th grade dance 6pm-8pm

May 12th- Tentative Field Trip Date

May 20th- Last day for Students/ 8th grade awards ceremony 9-10:30am

Language Arts- Ms. Waxman

This week the plots are thickening in both of our novel studies. The Outsiders has Johnny and Ponyboy hiding out and trying to decide if they should turn themselves in to the "fuzz". While in Life as We Knew It, Miranda and her family are realizing that they will need to make many adjustments and sacrifices if they are going to be able to survive until things get better.

We will also be introducing our last set of root words dealing with "People". There will be a STUDYSTACK link provided for independent practice in my Google classroom, and we will test on these next Thursday.

I will not be available for this week's WOW.

Last week of TweenTribune is due by the end of the day on Saturday this week.

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Math- Mrs. Holloway

Mrs. Holloway was out today...will keep you posted on any important assignments or due dates.She will not be available for WOW this week.

Social Studies- Mr. Salser

This week we are wrapping up the final Mastery Assessment of the year covering Modern Georgia. We will also have one final mini-project for the school year.

Science- Mr. Anderson

In science, we are spending time on the study of flight. This week, students will be looking at rocketry.