Technology Class

By: Brittney Koeberl

Typing Web

  • Typing Web is a program that helps you get better at typing faster
  • There are 3 courses: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
  • This program also helps you not look at the keys while you are typing
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  • iTrailer is a presentation app
  • It lets you show pictures or video footage in a short presentation
  • This unit helped my class get to know some stuff that I did
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Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck helps me present nice and organized information
  • There are many backrounds to choose from that matches the words that you type
  • It is a very good app for a buisness presentation
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Explain Everything

  • Explain Everthing allows you to record your voice in your presentation
  • This app also allows you to draw and add pictures into the page
  • You can use your fingers to make the picture rotate or change size
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Career Locker

  • Career Locker helps you find your dream job
  • This program lets you take tests so it can find you jobs that you would like
  • You can search any college that you might want to attend and see information on it
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  • GoAnimate is a program where you can create a cool video with backrounds, movements, and people
  • It also lets you design your own characters
  • You can record your voice to put into a person for them to say something
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Technology class is a great oppurtunite for you to learn how to use things. You make all of these kinds of presentations. They are all so much fun to do!