Livonia Warriors FIRST Robotics

2832 GEAR UPdate

March 14, 2016

The Mechanics of Robots

The creation of any robot includes several required elements: mechanical fabrication of a drive train and various robot parts; controls, the control of the motors; and programming, which instructs the robot on what it can and cannot do. My main role in my robotics group is that of preparing the parts that go into working robot. The material that I usually work with is aluminum, but on rare occasions, I have worked with steel. I can operate a drill press and have prepared aluminum for assembly. Drilling perfect holes for the means of attaching the parts can be a challenge, but I take careful measurements before I cut. Sometimes the aluminum comes pre-cut, and sometimes we have to cut the parts to size. The amount of parts needed to build a robot depends upon two things; the complexity of the project and the size of the robot.

Michael Feiler, Stevenson High School - Grade 9


“Hey Warriors!”

“Hey what?”

“Hey Warriors!”

“Hey what?”

“(Yell) go, go green, go go, go green!”

“Go, go green, go go, go green!”

“Hey Warriors!”

“Hey what?”

“Hey Warriors!”

“Hey what?”

“(Yell) go, go grey, go go, go grey!”

“Go, go grey, go go, go grey!”

The Livonia Warriors have so far created 5 cheers to boost our spirit in the crowd

including; Hey Warriors, Warrior Pride, Rowdy, Oh Draco, and Work. Most of our cheers are aimed towards our team while others such as Rowdy and Work are aimed towards FIRST and other teams. We believe Rowdy and Work show more gracious professionalism since they cheer on everyone instead of just our team. Other ways we show spirit include; the green and black skirts, the spirit boards/signs, face paint, green hairspray, our team flag, our crowd numbers (2832), our mascot costume, and our enthusiasm!

Spirit of Livonia Warriors

At the Southfield competition on day 1, the spirit squad in the upper level rounded up the

other teams and their flags and created a “Flag Parade.” We walked around the track in the

upper level to show unity between the teams and how we work well with everyone. On day 2, our spirit level really went up, our team had our own little “Warriors Parade.” The spirit squad grabbed our crowd numbers, spirit boards, and flag to have a parade, we walked around the track and cheered our team on. I remember the judges really enjoyed watching us go around with such excitement.

2832 pride

We pulled out the face paint, hairspray, and skirts, then pumped up the crowd like there was no tomorrow! We screamed, chanted, shouted, and everything else to cheer on our team! Unfortunately we lost the spirit award to the Vi­Bots. To work on our spirit we are planning to buy accessories with brighter colors because we believe we lost to the Vi­Bots because they wear a bright neon orange for their team shirts. Causing them to stand out in the crowd, making them more noticeable. Overall our spirit was amazing, but we could always improve!

Jordan Green, Stevenson High School - Grade 9


Come show your Livonia Warriors SPIRIT with us!
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Livonia FIRST Competition

Friday, March 25th, 10:30am to Saturday, March 26th, 5pm

8900 Newburgh Road

Livonia, MI


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