Alisa's Artistic Journey

By: Alisa Foster

Quarter 1- The Eye of the Color Wheel


I have created this work because to me I feel like it is very interesting how many different colors you can create with just three primary colors. I achieved to create a cute brown skin thick girl with a crown on her head with different shades. I think my overall vision was to catch the viewer's attention that all thick girls are beautiful and no different than anyone else. My current art relates to my other art I did because they were both paintings and they both used primary colors. The process didn’t take long. All I had to do was sketch how I wanted the painting to look then mix the colors. I used brown, yellow and red as my three colors. My work reflects the world I live in because black girls especially big ones are often left out or not appreciated in today’s society so I wanted to make it known that they are equally as beautiful. My work can bring more recognition on how beautiful a thick girl is. Limited Palette painting is very important to show how many different colors you can make out of these three colors. I have accomplished this technique with this project.

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Quarter 3- The Lonely Island

I have created this work to show how beautiful a simple drawing can be with a little texture and shading added to it. I made a simple island with water and trees because that was something I knew how to draw so I just perfected it. I think my work communicates that you can see a lot of beauty in color. I used different colors to make certain parts of the drawing pop out like the tree. My current work relates to my previous because all my work has a lot of color in it that represents my colorful personality. My work is like contemporary art because many artists such as Claude Lorrain who specializes in making paintings similar to mine. First, I thought of a drawing to draw, then I drew it, then I colored. It was very simple. My work reflects the world we live in by painting a picture of serene calmness of an island. People want to relax and go to an island similar to mine. I learned how to make different textures by using different shading and how hard I pressed my pencil by making it darker or lighter.

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Art Self-Reflection

I learned that in art it takes time to master a certain skill. You don't just learn from the first time you draw or make something you need to practice. Art is more complex than what the eye can see. I learned about myself that I am more talented than I think I am. Art makes me more relaxed because I am only focused on how it will come out. I also learned that the more patient I am, the better my work will come out.

Favorite Painting - Black Beauty

This is my favorite painting because I completely free handed it without tracing or anything. I think this is the one that looks the most presentable. I like the colors I picked to paint the girl. I also think it gives a message that all sizes are beautiful and no matter what skin color they are they are accepted.
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