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Heritage Staff Newsletter - February 20, 2017


Thanks to Erin and Christina for sharing Self Care and Student Management strategies and techniques. Great stuff! Here is a quick reminder of the ACTS strategy:

A- Acknowledge the child’s behaviors, feelings, wished, desires

“You seem angry” “You really don’t want to work today.” “You hate worksheets, don’t you?”

C-Communicate the limit

“The sand is not for throwing.” “It is time to work on math now.”

T-Target Acceptable Behavior

“You must keep the sand in the box.” “Get your book and paper out and get started.”

S-State the final choice

“If you choose to throw the sand again, you choose to leave the center and go to your desk.”

“If you do not do your work now, you will be assigned to detention to do it.”

Remember to emphasize that the consequence is the child’s choice, not yours.

Updates and FYI's

  • Feb. 21: Lunch provided by North Star Chiro
  • Feb. 23rd: Team Leader Meeting
  • Feb. 24th: Rise and Shine Assemblies
  • Feb. 24th: Grades uploaded for Report Cards
  • Feb. 27th: Final grades uploaded by 4:00 so Report Cards can be prepared
  • March 2nd: Dr. Seuss' Birthday
  • March 3rd: Career Day
  • March 3rd: CBA Data due in Aware
  • March 3rd: Report Cards Available in HAC for parents
  • March 3rd: TELPAS Collections Due
  • March 3rd: Career Day
  • March 7th: Open House

Upcoming Events to have on your radar:

  • March 24th - 12 hours of EQ time due
  • Check to see how you are doing on getting your 6 hours of GT update
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Professional Development

  • Feb. 20th: TELPAS in the Morning and Team Planning in the afternoon

  • Feb. 22: PLC's - Writing Strategies Professional Development and Resources

  • Feb. 23rd, 24th, 28th, and March 1st: Kasey Smith on Campus and conducting Letterland Walkthroughs and follow up coaching conferences

  • Feb. 28th: Toolbox Tuesday: IStation Reports Grades K-4

  • Feb. 28th: Amber Richards on campus - please have her observe or model number sense and problem solving using UPS check.

  • March 1st: STAAR Training during PLC's

  • March 2nd: Staff Meeting - Working agenda: Stevens - Recess Presentation, PBIS team presentation, IST's - AIMSweb and I-Station work.

  • March 2nd: Dr. Seuss Day

From PTA's Kris Kittle

HES teachers and staff,

Would you like to have input on who serves on 2017-2018 PTA Executive Board?

We would love to have one teacher or staff person serve on the PTA Nominating Committee this year. It is a minimal commitment with only one meeting. There may be some communication via email, but only one formal committee meeting is necessary. PTA Membership is required (and it is not too late to join!).

Please contact me! We'd love to have you!

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