Hector P. Garcia

By: Mia R, Taelyn E, Jill M.

American G.I. Forum

Garcia founded the group on March 26,1948 in Washington, DC. It is a congressionally chartered Hispanic veteran and Civil rights Organization. Another member or founder of the group was Vincente T. Ximenes, he was a Mexican- American civil rights leader. The purpose or goals of this organization in the U.S was to help veterans issues, education and civil rights.

Was the group successful? How did it effect society?

It was passed by Government and gave veterans special rights and privileges. So it was pretty successful. It effected society because without the American G.I. forum the Veterans that served world war 2 would not be treated the way they should be, considering they served and fought for our country.

Pictures of Hector P. Garcia

How did the movement spread the word?

They used posters and banners to show the U.S what they offer.
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Cool Facts:

-He met his wife Wanda Fussillo while stationed in Italy, they married and soon had a child in 1946.

-When he returned home he opened up a private medical practice with his brother Jose Antonio, regardless of pay.