Peices of Life

By Railly Voorhies

My First....

Crush - in second grade I had a huge crush on a boy in my reading group named Grant

Obsession - Probably My Little Pony, my whole room had that theme until I was 8

Sport - I played soccer from the time i was 5 until my freshman year when I quit playing

Concert - In April 2016 I went to a Panic! at the Disco concert (It was AWESOME)

Piercing - I've had my ears pierced since i was 6, then last year I got a second ear piercing

Best Friend - Soledad Woodcock who was in my Kindergarten - 2nd grade classes

Favourite Song - when I was 3 I loved Fergilicious, I'd run around my house singing it

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Most Embarrassing Moment

I have had many embarrassing moments but one that I remember tops all others. Thanks to my anxiety I find myself in many situations that are difficult to get out of. So it was fifth grade at the school's first dance and this boy I'd had a crush on forever asked me to dance with him.

I declined because I thought it would be awkward but my friends practically forced me to do it. So I walked up to him and he grabbed my hand to dance. He asked me some simple question and I completely stuttered and failed to answer. Moments after I threw up on his shoes and started crying. Yay. Go me.

My Favourite.... Then and Now

In this article I'll tell what my favourite thing was in some different categories and compare it to what it was when I was in second grade.

Color/ Then - Blue/ Now - Black

Band/ Then - Selena Gomez &The Scene / Now - Fall Out Boy or Panic! at the Disco

Song/ Then - Should've said No by Taylor Swift / Now - Coffee's for Closers by Fall Out Boy

Subject/ Then - Creative Writing / Now - Chemistry

Sport/ Then - Soccer / Now - Cheerleading

Activity/ Then - Reading / Now - Drawing

TV Show/ Then - Hannah Montana / Now - Pretty Little Liars or House M.D.

Movie/ Then - Fern-gully / Now -The Perks of Being a Wallflower


I'd like to feature a poem I have written here;

Pretty, perfect dolls

With perfect, still smiles

They are pretty and elegant

But I am shattered on the floor

The prettiest doll, she hates me

She pushed me from the shelf

It's 'cause I know her secret

And I told her I would tell

Now I'm a broken dolly

With a secret waiting to sell

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My Future Goals

After I graduate I want to go to Purdue University. I'd like to live in the dorms while I attend. I want to graduate with a degree to become a psychologist. I would aspire to become a psychiatrist if it didn't require so many extra years of medical school.

I want to move out of Indiana and get married. However, I don't want to lose touch with my friends and I still want to be able to see my family often. I want to work as a counselor in a school. But I also want to be able to travel.