Lewis Pugh

History Madness


December 5, 1969

Age- 45 years old

Maritime Lawyer

Poinner Swimmer


He said: “I have thought about wearing protective gear, but I just think it is better to go to world leaders and say: ‘I’ve just come back from the Ross Sea and undertaken five swims because I feel so passionately about this area and I’m urging to you to set up a protected areas.'


“The Ross Sea is one of the most incredible places on the planet,” . “It has one of the most pristine eco-systems left on the earth. Scientists say it is crucial because it helps us understand how to protect the earth because it is the least impacted by humans.


" There is nothing more powerful than the made up mind"


  • Broke his own world record in the sea off Cape, Adare Antarctica
  • He swim in water as low as -1.7 degree Celsius. Which is 28.94 Fahrenheit.
  • You need 50 minutes to shower just to get your body temperature to rise.

Time Period

Over the five weeks he will undertake five swims. Four will be toward the south than the current record.
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