FOR SALE: 2,000 ACRES per person!!!

ASKING PRICE: 5 cents per 20 acres

This is the best deal

This land is so cheap. There are large areas of land. if you are looking for a new start this is your place. don't go to the United States there land is so expensive you will be in debt for years to come and d you really want them to control what religion you choose.
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For sale : 5 cents per acre

Reasons why you should pick our land

  1. .other settlements government is unstable.
  2. other settlements land is expensive
  3. our land is cheep
  4. you can have a new start and identity
  5. large areas of land
  6. land in u.s is expensive

This is the best offer!!!!!!!!

Attention all farmers !!!!!!!!!!!

Her in Texas all you animals will be satisfied. There is lots of land for your cows and horses to eat and move around, and here's your deal this is going out to all you farmers. If you have livestock we will give you first pick on any land you want and you are qualified for more 2,000 acres. So you will have room for you livestock and your crops. What a great deal!!!!
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