Daniel Diaz

about me....


I like all sports.. but I really like to play soccer! Some days I just like to go out and run... I also like to do outdoor things; hiking, climbing,walking,flying haha (i wish) anyways i do lots of thing.. but i like to chill, sleeping and being lazy always fun!!!

Favorite subject

My favorite subject is science; believe it or not I enjoy learning about the universe,humans,life,earth,elements,cells,etc. Im excited to see/learn the new and interesting things in chemistry! My least favorite is probably English; mostly because I dont like to read and write. but ill do it when I have to..

Things I like

The music I like.. well i listen to mostly everything rap, metal, rock, pop, bachata, and old school stuff. I like to eat; my favorite foods are pastas, Mexican food, Asian food, sandwiches, bread, pizzas, and cereal!

I like to hang out with my friends and party all day ha well and then be lazy for a week!

What I like about Science

The things I like ohhh there are many things; hands on is my favorite. For example when we have to do experiments in a group. I like taking notes and then drawing examples of the things we talked about! Book work is not that fun. But the most important thing is that I always learn something new everyday. The things I learn in science help me understand how the universe works and the earth is just a small part of that; and we still have many new things to discover!