BAPS Sunday Focus

Week 11 Term 1 2016

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Staff Development Day Term 2

Our Term 2 Staff Development Day will be at school. More information will come out this week.
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Week 11 Newsletter

This weeks newsletter is to celebrate our term. Please make sure if you have had leadership of a major event this term can you please send a few photos to Tracey with a short blurb.
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Athletics Carnival

Thanks to all involved in the Athletics Carnival especially Jamie, Paula and Raelene. The smiles on our children's faces were priceless.
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On Thursday we will be submitting our 2015 Annual Report (AR). Thanks needs to go to all staff for your efforts in ensuring we make an impact on student learning. The AR highlights our success and I have enjoyed looking through our data whilst compiling the report. I will share some of the successes on our SDD.
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Books in Homes

Monday our school will welcome Books in Homes. This is a not for profit initiative to get more quality texts into homes. Thanks Bec and the team for your work on the preparation.

Futures Learning

Last week the Futures Learning Directorate launched their website. A great resource for Futures Learning.

Contains some terrific links.

Powerful video on Autism. Thanks for forwarding Bec.

Can you make it to the end?

It is interesting when you think about what we do..The list is getting longer...

NEA's Lily Eskelsen García on What Teachers Do
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Holidays and the balance

I have always felt that we needed to ensure that we have a balance between our work and personal lives.

My thoughts on this are shifting as it assumes we all need the same amount of time to prepare.

I am leaning more now to work life contentment.... driven by ensuring we spend enough time in our preparation to 'be ready when the lights come on'.

Keeping this in mind I would still prefer that you all enjoy a restful holiday with you friends and family but if you do wish to come to school you will need to do the following-

  • work with a colleague to ensure 2 of you are onsite at all times.
  • let me know by text when arriving and leaving.
  • negotiate with Pete and Mick regarding the times they are onsite.
  • be prepared to alarm the school if you are attending on days Pete and Mick are not available.

Have a great week!

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