The amoeba moves around with its pseudopodia which means ( false foot). The amoeba is asexual because that means the amoeba don't share DNA. It starts to slowly surround the other cell and the releases a chemical that devolves the cell then takes the nutrition in the cell.The amoeba can create a cyst to protect itself from predators.


Tiny hair like legs called the cilia. The cilia is surrounding the paramecium so it can move. It sexual reproduction which means that the paramecium shares DNA with another microorganisms. The microorganisms climb in the mouth pore then it goes to the food vacuole which digested it. It has a trichocysts which makes it bigger than it is so that pre doters.


The volvox moves from little tiny flagella's on the outside of the volvox.The volvox cells have chlorophyll to make There own food by photosynthesis.Has daughter colonies and reproduces asexually. It was 350 to 500 pm.