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Antrim Elementary School April 9, 2021

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Pine Cones Anyone?

Mrs. Hartshorne’s first and second graders had a chance to provide a service while practicing their math skills! While Shea Field is still closed until it dries out, we were invited to collect pine cones to clean the field. This was a great opportunity to see what a really big number looks like so we created a way to see 1000 pine cones. Each pile above has 10 cones and we collected a total of 1,040 cones in all. Now for the many piles did we make? Stumped? You can ask your student!!

A Note from Our School Counselor

AES students in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade have been receiving classroom counseling lessons on bullying prevention and these lessons, taught by school counselor, Robin Gregg, will continue for at least three or four more weeks. Attached is an example of some of what the children are learning. The example is from Third Grade, but all of the children are learning about the Three R's. The attached document provides families with a way to reinforce the lessons.
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Second Graders Measure Nature

2nd graders have been finding fun ways to practice the new skills they're learning. This week, students practiced their spelling words by writing the words in shaving cream. And to wrap up our math unit on measurement, we took a walk around the school grounds outside and measured all sorts of different objects in centimeters using the rulers we created ourselves. Our class found a woodchip that was 10 cm. long, a pinecone that was 6 cm. long, a flower that was 19 cm. long and many other objects.

Ms. Lescarbeau's Class Has Opinions

We have been working hard on our opinion writing in kindergarten. We learned what an opinion is and why it is important to share our opinions. We have written and shared at morning meeting opinions on a variety of topics. Our favorite writing topic so far was our opinion on the best part of the playground!

Ms. Donovan's Ducklings

In our Literacy work this week, we shared two stories about some special ducklings, Little Quack and Ruby in Her Own Time, With help from Jeannie Connolly, ConVal's Arts Enrichment Coordinator, we painted unique versions of a duck habitat. Each painting has a nest and pond for swimming and finding food. The kids are excited to use the five movable ducklings to tell their own counting stories!

Afterward, we shared the classic story Make Way for Ducklings, and a Mystery Science video on why baby ducks follow their mother. This has been a fun way to continue our learning about the ways animals' behavior helps the adults and the young meet their needs for survival.

Dress Code Reminders....

With warm weather upon us, we would like to remind you of the dress code appropriate for school. Children are expected to participate in all recess and physical education activities and should be dressed comfortably in weather-appropriate clothing and footwear for a variety of temperature and weather conditions.

We also encourage students to have a light long sleeved shirt available to protect from sun and bugs as well as some type of hat.

Shoes/sneakers with backs on them are the most secure and safest for students, and per our handbook, flip-flops are not allowed.

Please encourage your child to bring a clean, labeled water bottle each day for hydration.

Students that have PE should have sneakers (non-marking soles, non-platform) available.

Thank you so much for your attention to these guidelines.