Last IRP: HOLES film vs. novel

Chiaka Ogbogu. Neal 2nd

HOLES By Louis Sachar

Holes by Louis Sachar and the motion movie production by Disney were oddly similar with very few differences. The movie kept to most of the guidelines in the story, by enhancing some parts more than other to draw the visual evidence to the movie. Some major differences entail:

Character Description

Probably the biggest trait, the characters described in the book are slighty off then the movie. For example, beginning with the main character: Stanley Yelnats. In the book it mentions that stanley was a tall heavy boy who was often bullied about his weight and timid looks. No offense to Shia Lebouf (who played Stanley in the movie), but he does not physically fit the part. Shia Lebouf, in the movie, is a scrawny boy around average height.This takes away a little from the mood, the viewer watching the movie doesn't all of a sudden devolop this sympathy for Stanley.