Hope in Hidden Haven

Refugees Welcome in Atlantis

Safe but Accessible

Currently, we are mostly based in underwater stations all over the Pacific Ocean and because of strong allies and defensive measures, we are well protected against Kyrzbekistan; however, we can also be found on the island that used to be known as Hawaii, where we grow most of our agricultural exports. We constantly patrol and scan our land, water, and sky for refugees, so even a small rowboat with your children will be noticed and rescued.

Be warned; however, that we will shoot if hostile attempts are made, please follow instructions from rescue boats carefully.

Basic Governmental Information

We have three branches of a parliamentary democracy:

Military- which is in charge of national, and local defense, and law enforcement

Civilian- which is in charge of citizen, and non-citizen rights, and citizen recruitment, testing, and training

Economic- which is in charge of all inspections of import, export, and personal items, economy regulation, and foreign affairs

Each branch is dominated by three political parties and independents:

Prudence- Tends to be more reluctant to change, and are skeptic about new, spontaneous ideas.

Revolutionary- Tends to lean more toward military government, and are currently attempting to make Atlantis go to war against Devin’s country.

Fraternal- Tends to be more lenient toward refugees, want to make it easier to become citizen.

Each station has a Central Office that holds all representatives for that particular station. There are regular meetings, called Minor Court, between the representatives during which reports, and select cases, complaints, or demands are presented and judged. Serious situations and significant reports will be taken, by a representative of each branch, to the Middle Court, which resides over each of the five districts, and the most serious are taken to the Supreme Court in Alexandria.

Every station will have different regulations depending on location, technology quality, and population density, however all residents of every station, citizen or non-citizen, are required to follow the federal law depicted by the Supreme Court.

Trade and Citizenship

To become a citizen one must first pass inspections, then serve at least one four-year term in the military as well as complete any basic and/or advanced training, which includes learning the international language (Latin), and the official national language (English) regardless of whether one knows the local language Hawaii, one was not tested out of. (For more details, please review the Citizenship Eligibility Act which can be found in any law-encyclopedia of all libraries or speak to your local Civilian officer.

Although small businesses and local coffee shops are encouraged, franchises and industries involving a lot of exporting and importing must be highly regulated as there is limited space, and air, and foreign technologies tend to interfere with underwater life supports and may pose a threat to the station, especially imports from Kyrzbekistan. As a result, we mainly export renewable energy generated by underwater windmills, and our agricultural and seafood exports are at a minimum.

Refugees and Volunteers

Refugees and defectors are treated well, fed, and provided with temporary residency and jobs until they can be transported to a permanent location in one of our allies' countries (Austin’s country, Colin’s country, Danny’s country, and Addison’s country)

Volunteers from any of these countries are welcome, and will be provided with food and a residence during their stay, though it should be noted that all items that are brought onto a station are inspected and may be returned to its original country if they are proven some danger to any life support systems.