cowboys and ranchers

how they lived

what is ranching?

  • Ranching is the practice of raising herds of animals on large tracts of land.
  • cattle trails pointed north, the Shawnee, the Chisholm, and the western lead to railheads where the cattle were loaded into freght cars bound for eastern market.
  • in less than two decades 6 million steers and cows were moved along these railheads.

rope-rid'n facts

  • Cowboy's were the largest fast growing agricultural industry
  • Usually heard in dry temperate areas
  • They heard many different animals over 10,000 square k
  • They maintain the animals health while traveling these vast distances
  • One of the most known cattle ranching routes was from texas the the railroads of kansas
Old West Cowboys
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essential questions

  1. what was one of the most common routes for the cowboys that herded cattle?
  2. which state had a higher buy rate for steer?