Chief Joseph

By Andrew Blish

Chief Joseph was the leader of the Nez Perce which is a group of Native Americans.

Important Facts

  • Chief Joseph's father was a great leader too. Chief Joseph's father tought him many things about being a leader.
  • Nez Perce were in danger of war and Chief Joseph took them to a safe place.
  • Chief Joseph lead the Nez Perce to white bird canyon in Idaho
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Weight Bird Canyon

Chief Joseph lead the Nez Perce to this please so they would be safe from wars against the U.S. Army.

Nez Perce

A group of native americans that Chief Josef helped.

Crow people

The Crow people live in Canada and refused to help the Nez Perce unless they give up their horses.
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  • Chief Joseph helped win wars against the US.
  • There are many poems by Chief Joseph.
  • Chief Joseph met with the U.S. President Harris.
  • Chief Joseph father converted to Christianity . His influence created peace with his white neighbor.
  • In 1855 he created more land for the Nez Perce.
Chief Joseph said, "All people should be treated the same way no matter who you are."