Plate Project

By Josue Lopez

Continental Drift

The theory of continental drift

Continental Drift is the theory that all the continents were once together 200 million years ago.
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Up above is a picture of what all the continents connected or called pangaea


There are evidence that Freshwater fish have been found on two different continents that are separated by salt water. There is also another fact that there are warm climate plants in cold climate areas

To believe or not?

I believe the theory of Continental drift because of the evidence presented

Seafloor spreading

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Up above is a picture of seafloor spreading

What is seafloor spreading?

Seafloor spreading is where the oceanic crust moves toward the continental crust but doesn't move the continents or the continental crust instead it goes under and recycles into magma.


Two examples to help explain is there is young rocks at the middle of oceanic ridges and old rocks that are farther to the oceanic ridges. another clue is that magnetic rocks along the ocean floor show magnetic reversals as it moves away from the middle. These clues help explain Seafloor spreading

To Believe or not?

Yes I believe because this theory explains how volcanoes are made

Plate tectonics


The theory is a combination of Continental drift and seafloor spreading.

According to the theory of plate tectonics Earth crust and part of the upper mantle are broken up. The peices broken up are called plates and move on a plastic like layer of the mantle

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up above is how the theory looks


Convergent-move together

When the plates continental plates and another continental plate move together it causes mountains or volcanoes

When two oceanic plates move together one will subduct and make a trench

Divergent-Go away from each other

When Oceanic and oceanic move away they created new seafloor, volcanoes, ridges, and seafloor spreading

Transform- slide past each other

When this happens it makes earthquakes and tsunamis

To Believe or not to believe?

I believe this because it explains how the land forms are formed