Biography of Rosa Parks

By Marshaun Harris

Early Life

she was born in Oct 4,1913 her parents were Leona and James her grandparents were Slaves she could only go to school with black people not with white people when Rosa Parks was a littie girl she Stod up for self and said it could only work out if we make things eqoal we should all be treated fair and get along they would it Belive her

Why is she famous

she refews to give up her bus saet to awhite person

Interesting facts

she got Award presidential she died at age Oct 4 2014.

Famous Quote

she moved to Alabama and got married to Raymond Parks she wanted to make things right so she took her case u.s.a and got freedom she got arrested for not giving up her seat to a white person.

How has she influenced others

she refewise to give up her bus seat to a white person

her and marther king became frenids

some people wanted to be just like Rosa Parks.