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BSN Conference 29th October 2013 - David Hellier

The main presentation...

can be found here.


  • Edmodo poll - use this as a starting point for what students know/don't know
  • Padlet for creating 'walls' of ideas. You could also use it to plan an essay, write a collaborative story etc. The finished 'wall' can then be downloaded as a .pdf or an image file and shared (e.g. via Showbie or Edmodo) Some things to note: Make sure that you choose the 'stream' layout (in settings) rather than the 'freeform'. Posts can also be moderated - i.e. you approve them before they go live
  • allows you to create Keynote (Presentations), Numbers (Spreadsheet) or Pages (word-processing) documents through a web-browser with an Apple ID.

Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo

  • Despite its sometimes bad-press, Twitter is a great way to get resources, links and news on subjects you are interested in. SIgn up for an account and follow some people who discuss topics you are interested in.
  • Create a Vimeo account to upload videos you create to. You can then link/embed these via Edmodo.

iPad Lesson Planning Form

The files here can be used to get you started in thinking about how you can integrate technology in your lessons from a learning and assessment point. Remember, don't aim for 'iPad lessons' and don't be afraid to use iPads for 5 minutes, 10 minutes at the end of the lesson etc... It's another tool to enhance what you are already doing in the classroom.


SAMR is a way to think about what you are doing in your lessons with technology. Is it substitution of analogue to digital (e.g. writing to typing) or is it

a more fundamental redefinition of the actual activity.

See here for a SAMR workflow.

The Apps

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Life In Five Seconds: Minotaur

Mains (or possible starters/plenaries)

A life in 5 seconds - a good way for students to demonstrate their understating of the main ideas for something they have studied. This idea is based around these:

You can use Keynote, iMovie, Explain Everything to do this. I always get the students to search for black/white line images using Google image search (Search tools - size and colour).


All - Use Keynote

Some - Put into Keynote, screenshot it running, add to iMovie with sound effects/music

Using Safari more productively

  • Safari can be used as a reader by selecting the line icon in the address bar. This will remove images and make the text from a website more readable.
  • Searching in iOS 7 is now in one unified bar (at the top). You can type in web urls as well as perform web searches and searches for a word on a web page
  • Students should get into the habit of bookmarking sites and/or adding to their home page (which can then be added to folders)
  • Highlighting words in Safari, Pages, Keynote also brings up the option to 'Define' a word. NB: You may need to install dictionaries before you see this.
  • Speak selection - highlight text (+ can also have it highlight words as it speaks them) - may need to switch this on - Settings > General > Accessibility > Speak selection - If you do use this make sure that you download the enhanced voice. This will speak text in different languages.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a whiteboard app which allows you to record audio, movement add text, images etc. These can then be saved to the camera roll and uploaded to Edmodo or Vimeo.

The app can be used to highlight aspects of student work, demonstrate something to students - or to get students to demonstrate a process.

Book Creator

Book Creator allows the creation of e-books - digital books which can include photos, audio and video. The app also allows several books to be combined into one which lends itself well to group collaboration (note that you need to ensure that the books are the same layout).

The resulting books can be then be viewed in iBooks or the Book Creator file can be sent to someone else for them to continue to edit.

Note too that Pages now allows export to ePub so that Pages documents can be viewed as a 'book' in iBooks.

Common Craft 'stylee'

Common Craft use good old fashioned paper, movement and voice-overs to simplify a difficult concept. This can be achieved by using the camera and (possibly) iMovie on the iPad.

A digital version can be achived using Explain Everything.

The range of videos available to view may also be good starting points in your lessons.


Showbie is a great way to distribute files to students and receive files from students. You can annotate student work as well as add voice notes or text notes to students. Showbie is a good way to have their digital work in one place.

Sign up for a free teacher account here. It's also a good idea to create a student account so that you can see what the students will see and edxperiment with marking.

Video voice-overs

The Free Video app allows you to download video, e.g. from YouTube, although be mindful of copyright.

The downloaded video can then be, for example imported into iMovie. The original audio can be deleted and an audio soundtrack can be recorded by stduents to explain what is happening. This could be used to explain the causes of an event or what is happening in an Math's demonstration, science experiment etc. The resulting video can then be uploaded to Edmodo for peer review.

You could also have a video that you cut up, re-arrange and the students have to put into the correct order again, perhaps, adding a voice-over or titles.

The new iWorks - Pages, Keynote & Numbers

The new iWorks allows for the editing and creation of documents via a web browser on a Mac or a PC. It also allows for the sharing of documents for collaboratiion.

However... whilst documents can be shared via the iPad colloborative work on the same document at the same time can only happen via a web browser.

iTunes U

iTunes U allows the creation of courses (via a web browser on a computer) by way of an Apple ID and iTunes U Course Manager. Your students or colleagues can then enroll for the course on their iPad. You can upload a range of content and files - again being mindful of copyright.

The following link gives some very good advice on using iTunes U Course Manager.