Neo-Nazism & The Third Reich

Mrs.Benda's 5th Period,

The Third Reich

The Third Reich began Shortly after Adolf Hitlers rise to become "Fuhrer" of Germany in 1933. The Nazi Regime came into power after the fall of the previous German Government known as the "Weimar Rebublic". The Third Reich became a Dictatorship government (or Nazi Regime) led by Adolf Hitler himself. In this new "government" Hitler made sure his ideology and opinions where forced onto the people through constant lies and propaganda. And and manipulated German citizens to join the Nazi ranks and support him and his cause. The Third Reich made sure that all citizens of pure German ethnicity where respected and well cared for, while other minorities where thrown into dilapidated ghettos to starve or die of illness. The Third Reich Regime was eventually overthrown at the end of 'World War II', on May 8, 1945, after surrendering to the 'Allied Forces'.
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Neo Nazi's and Neo Nazism Definitions :

-Neo Nazism: The ideology of nazism and supporting of nazism beliefs of the past.

-Neo Nazi: Person who is apart of an organization that promotes and advocates past beliefs of “nazism”, and whose beliefs are influenced by them.

Neo Nazism is a belief practiced by people in present day. It is a belief that all humans of the Anglo (White) ethnicity are superior in every way compared to humans of other ethnic origin.

5 Facts

1. The Third Reich started and ended from 1933-1945.

2. Neo-Nazism is still practiced today by some people and even started random protests.

3. Adolf Hitler Lead the Third Reich of Germany as "Fuhrer" in 1933.

4. The Third Reich was a Dictatorship Government that treated everyon other than German, unfairly.

5. The Nazi Swastika was the official Symbol of the Third Reich and Nazi Regime.


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