Professional Dealers in Jewels in California

The California-based Tacori jewelry company creates beautiful diamond engagement rings and designer jewelry for an elegant statement somehow encapsulates the California sunshine that dazzles no matter where you are. The jewelry company hand-crafts all of their remarkably detailed pieces, and they take great pride in preserving the values of their family-owned company. Whether you are looking for a piece that will convince a special someone to share her life with you, or whether you are looking for glamourous European-style pieces fused with California style effortlessness, you will find what you’re looking for with Tacori.

The leading Tacori Dealer Indiana is Alberts Diamond Jewelers. Alberts is a professional dealer with impeccable service and a diverse selection, including the best pieces from Tacori’s collections. With over a century of experience, Alberts has grown from a small store-front location to one of the leading jewelry stores in all of Indiana. Alberts Diamond Jewelers also boasts some of the lowest prices in the region, with the added benefit of low Indiana taxes, so that your trademark Tacori piece comes at the lowest prices in the nation. Their engagement rings come in over thirteen different selections, including the dantela, royalty, and simply Tacori styles. They also offer a wide selection of women’s wedding rings and elegant men’s wedding bands, plus a wide selection of women and men’s jewelry that is perfect for any anniversary, graduation, or just because occasion. Alberts has hundreds of Tacori rings, necklaces and bracelets in a wide variety of styles, but all of them will bring the classic California Tacori touch to your jewelry.

Buying Tacori jewelry at the Alberts Diamond Jewelers is truly one of the best experiences you could have for your jewelry purchase. Not only is Tacori jewelry dazzlingly brilliant and elegantly hand-crafted, but your buying experience at Alberts can’t be beat. With over a hundred years of experience, Alberts is able to meet your expectations both financially, and for whatever occasion you need. With stellar customer service, a bright, open store location, some of the largest jewelry selections in the state, and low market prices on top of that, Alberts will make your jewelry purchasing experience a memorable and rewarding one without compromises and without breaking the bank. When you’re looking to purchase jewelry for your special day, consider Tacori jewelry at Alberts Diamond Jewelers.