Dulle's Delightful News!!!



We are continuing with 2digit by 2 digit multiplication. Our class did an AMAZING job learning the area model and understanding the reasoning behind it. We will continue with the partial product method next. Some students chose to teach their parents about the area model for Above and Beyond work. Way to go everyone who worked on this with their child. They were thrilled to share these. One parent and child chose to be innovative and create a YouTube video of the demonstration. These kids of yours truly shine! Thank you for being such awesome parents and showing interest in what they do at school!


We will not have spelling next week due to the short week of school with only two days. Week 10 will be the following full week and it is a review week over words previously studied!

If your child is looking for another fun way to study their spelling words and definitions in a meaningful way, they may use Quizlet.com. It is a website where they can create their own quiz and add pictures and definitions. They tried this one day in class and loved it. Perhaps your child can show you how they do this!

Candy Cane Lane

On December 11, 2015, your family is invited to Shoal Creek to participate in Candy Cane Lane, open from 5:00 – 8:00. Candy Cane Lane is a shop in which children can shop for gifts for friends and families for the holidays. This is not meant to be a fund raiser, but as an experience. We want the students to enjoy the thrill of shopping for those they care about and giving to others. Gifts will be reasonably priced. At this event, all parents will go to the parent lounge located in the Great Hall, where hot chocolate, coffee, cookies, and treats will be available for purchase. Students will be escorted to the Purple Hall where they will be able to shop for Christmas presents for their family and friends. Once the shopping is done, gifts will be simply wrapped, and students will head back to their parents in the Great Hall. Younger students will be matched with a personal shopper to help them with their purchases. Any child is welcome to shop at Candy Cane Lane. We hope to see you at this fun event.

Clean out your craft tubs...MakerSpace needs your leftover supplies!

Our space is beginning to run low on supplies. This month we are requesting donations from your grade level. Please do not purchase items, just send in any leftover supplies you may have. Items our space could use include:

  • paper towel/toilet paper tubes
  • tissue paper
  • fabric scraps
  • ribbon
  • pipe cleaners
  • beads and buttons
  • streamers
  • any unused craft materials

If you are willing to donate items, please have your child drop them off at the MakerSpace in the morning on their way to class. Our student leaders will be happy to put the supplies away.

Holiday Events in KC!

I ran across this article of local happenings and thought I'd share. Although it's titled, "A Mom's Guide...", Dad's can join in also! :) I hope this is useful.