Semester Review 2 (10 things)

Chloe Wallen/ 2nd Period/ World History/ Coach Cain


  • Italian Astronomer
  • Improves the telescope
  • Father of Modern Science/ Modern Physics/ Science
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  • Play writer (Poet)/ Actor
  • Greatest writer in the English Language
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Causes of WWI

  • M- ilitary
  • A- lliances
  • I- mperism
  • N- ationalism
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Adam Smith

  • Philosopher
  • Free Market economic theory
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Treaty of Versailles

  • End of WWI
  • Signed 5 days after Assignation of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
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Henry VIII

  • King of England
  • Reformation Parliment
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Nicholas Copernicus

  • Renaissance Mathematician
  • Astronomer
  • Makes model of the Universe (with the sun in the center)
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Natural Rights

  • Basic Rights
  • No government can deny these rights
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Why US enters WWI

  • US boat got attacked
  • Telegram sent from Mexico
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  • Lawyer
  • Lived during the age of enlightment
  • Separation of state powers
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