How to hire perfect SEO agency

Thinking about hiring a SEO Company? Here is the guide

Today there are lots of search engine optimisation companies (SEO companies), hundreds of SEO consultants and even more web design companies and media agencies that talk about search engine optimisation.

What are your goals? Does the SEO agency understand them?

Among so many options, it can be nice to read about a couple of factors that can help you determine how skilled the SEO Agency really is in SEO and what they could do to increase your traffic and your profits from Google and other search engines.

Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of successful search engine optimisation should not simply be to get high in the search results.

A successful search engine optimisation will generate more customer contacts and those customers will, as a result of a high search engine placement, a well-planned conversion optimisation and a good analytical ability of visitor behaviour.

Ask to have the process explained to you - how will these visitors become actual customers?

Reporting - Make sure you can follow what's going on!

In what way and how often does the SEO report the agency? What is included in the reports? Can you share the report to others at the company with ease?

In a customer survey we found that the most important thing for our customers is the reporting. They feel that it is very important to be able to understand what we have done and what the results have been.

Big picture

Here are some examples of what you are good at getting in a report:

➡ What ROI (Return On Investment) you have on your search engine optimisation
➡ Depending on goals - How many bookings, contacts or purchases have you received?
➡ What positions important keywords have on Google may be interesting in some cases. However, too many SEO agencies spend too much of the reporting on this. The important thing is not good positions in themselves but more business.
➡ How much visitors you get from Google vs. other sites on the web
➡ More stats about your visitors
➡ Any appropriate information you may need to make future marketing decisions to bet on

Quotes from customers read for example "Your reporting is really good and it is easy for others at the company to understand what is being done."

What link strategy does the company use?

When choosing a search optimisation company it is important that the company can explain exactly what you will be doing and that you have been explained about how to do the job.

Most search engine optimisation companies or SEO experts work on building links, so it is important that the company explains how the linking strategy is designed.

What results can you expect?

It is important to set expectations before projects begin. The SEO agency should be able to provide some form of appreciation before the job begins.

It is important that a proper audit is done that compares with what competitors are doing and how they work with search engine optimisation.

SEO is long term and be careful with search engine optimisation companies that promise results within a few weeks.

A very important part of search engine optimisation is content. We have written an article on how content marketing and search engine optimisation come together. A little depending on your budget for new or rewritten content on your site, you can expect different results.

It is quite possible to go from 1000 to 50,000 visitors in 6-12 months (we have seen it several times) but then you have to write very new good content and then SEO optimize the content and build links.

Be careful about promised warranties

Some search engine optimisation companies often want to give them the best idea in the industry and guarantee that they will be featured on the front page of Google in anything from a few days to a month.

No serious search engine optimisation company can guarantee this and you absolutely cannot buy anywhere in Google's organic listings or anyone who claims to represent them.

Check if the SEO company itself ranks on Google

This tip generally applies to all companies you should hire, but specifically to search engine optimisation companies.

If negative search results appear, especially on the front page, in a search for the company name, then they are probably not very good at optimising search results.

Also check if the company is visible on keywords such as "seo consultant", "conversion optimisation" "search optimisation company", "internet marketing" etc.

Exactly the word "search engine optimisation" has a very high level of competition and there is a lot of prestige in it so it is not really a yardstick but it is worth testing 5-10 other phrases you think the company should appear on.

How much does an SEO agency cost?

Of course, it depends on a number of factors, but mainly on how high the competition is for your industry, how "good" your website is and what your goals are. Of course, if you want to go from 10 to 20 contacts per month, it is cheaper than going from 10 to 100.

Hope this has helped you in your quest to find the right SEO company. You can read more about our search engine optimisation here.

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