American Baseball

Is Baseball really a difficult sport to play?

Beginning of Baseball

Baseball Is one of the most popular sports In North America today. First Invented by Abner Doubleday In the summer of 1839 before the civil war, some people find Abner as a American hero. Many Americans have found the sport very exciting while others find It very slow or boring. The fight of the sport has raged on for quite sometime. The first ever game of baseball was played In Hoboken, New Jersey on June 9 1846. As we jump over to 1871 the sport had grown with fans and new players with Interest North America created the first ever professional baseball league. Baseball remains as a very popular sport. But what really Is It that makes It one of the most popular American sports today?

The Sport Itself

Baseball Is a very difficult sport to play. It takes a lot of work and effort to handle. Whether Its Batting of fielding you are almost doing something at all times. Baseball has over 9 play able fielding positions with their own number to label them, for example: Pitcher Is number 1, And Catcher Is number 2. Baseball Is also titled with "The Eagle eye" according to fact which also shows how difficult baseball Is and how much attention Is needed to play the sport.

More About Pitching

I will be talking about some of the most difficult fielding sports In baseball Its self. First Is number 1 pitcher. The pitcher Is the man who throws the ball to the batter. The object Is to strike the batter out. This can be difficult to play because the pitcher needs to throw the ball at a small area called the strike zone. If the ball Is not thrown at the angle In the strike zone the ball will not be a strike It would become a ball. If the batter gets four balls he gets a free walk to first baseball. This position can put a lot of pressure on the player
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More About Batting

Batting Is also very difficult to do In baseball. From trying to make contact with the ball or not swinging at a perfect pitch can be nerve racking for the player. The batter's expectation Is to make contact with the baseball and swing at the right time. Other times, players can get nervous about not striking out which can put more stress on the player and or team. Hitting Is very difficult to perform and IS a big example on how baseball Is difficult to play.
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As we come to a end, baseball Is a very difficult sport to play as I said before. When Its hitting, pitching, catching and (ect) baseball truly Is a difficult sport to play!