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Hijackers attack Twin Towers

On September 11, 2001 a series of events occurred all over the country. The 1st event that had happened was the attacks of the 2 twin towers, or the world trade center. Everyone who witnessed thought that it was only a mistake that the pilots made, but when the 2nd plane hit the other twin tower the people instantly knew, they were being attacked.The attacks were both horrifying and devastating. hundreds of firefighters died due to saving others.

The hijackers who attacked the 3 places, the pentagon, both twin towers, and a plain in Pennsylvania, were called Al-Qaeda. Their leader who planned all the attacks was named Osama-bin-Laden. When the US troops invaded Al-Qaeda, they first could not find Osama-bin Laden. After a few more years they finally found out that the people of Al-Qaeda were hiding Osama. The US troops thought that the terrorist group was hiding weapons of mass destruction. So they finally found Osama-bin Laden and killed him, only to find out that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

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Pentagon Accident

This picture is showing how the 3rd plane that was hijacked hit the pentagon and only 1/3 of the pentagon was destroyed.
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The Twin Towers

This is a picture of the Twin Towers shortly after they were both hit with the planes. After both planes hit one of the twin towers collapsed to the floor and was destroyed.
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