Chapter 3 Culture Notes

by Erin Corliss

Grocery Shopping

For the most part, people enjoy shopping at smaller, local neighborhood stores. It may be more expensive than supermarkets, but it ensures that they are buying fresh high quality food.

Regular Meals

Meals are important family occasions. There is usually an appetizer, a main course, a greed salad, cheese, and dessert. Special occasions can have as many as nine courses in a meal! Appetizers are vegetables or cold cuts, main courses are meat or seafood, and dessert is usually fresh fruit. Sweet desserts are only served for special occasions. Dinner is lighter than lunch and often doesn't contain meat. Eggs are a dinner food, not a breakfast food.


In France, meals are used to celebrate special occasions. New Year's dinner is celebrated with friends. Birthday and Christmas dinners are family occasions where exchanging of gifts and cards happens. Children and teenagers often get gifts on their saint's day.