Who is the Culprit?

The chemical murder mystery by: Michela Johnson P.7

What blew up the plane?

The substance found on the site of the explosion was composed of 37.01%C, 2.22%H, 18.5%N, and 42.27%O. Therefore in order to figure out what and who blew up the plane, I need to decipher the formula. Once I did the calculations I found that it was comprised of C7H5N3O6, also known as TNT. So now I know that TNT was the explosive that took the plane down.

LOTS of calculations later...

I know that person...

1) Contains C10H15N, also known as Meth (luggage)
2) Contains C8H8O3 vanilla and C7H8N4O2 chocolate flavoring (backpack)
3) Contains C18H21NO3 a prescription drug painkiller (Pockets/blood)
4) Contains C3H5N3O9 a medication for heart conditions (Shirt pockets/blood)
5) Contains C21H22N2O2 (strychnine) rat poison (Blood)
6) Contains C14H18N2O5 (aspartame) artificial sweetener (Man bag)
7) Contains C10H13N an anti depressant (Blood) and C21H22N2O2 Rat poison (Pocket)
8) Contains C9H8O4 asprin and C8H9NO2 tylenol (Travel case)
9) Contains C7H5N3O6, also known as TNT! (carry-on)

Lets get to know the victims

Amadeo Oldere – a pilot with a heart condition

Wall E. Greens – a pharmacist

Jim LeClaire – a baker

Archie Starr -- a teacher addicted to sugar-free drinks

Michael (Subway) Phelps – Olympian who was suspended for drug violations

Lisa Jo – environmental engineer, severely depressed

Gus (Chicken Man) Fring – suspected drug distributor

Ayman al-Zawahiri – suspected leader of a terrorist organization

Natasha Putin - the flight attendant from Russia

Who had What!??

4) Amadeo Oldere had a heart condition so he would need his medicine on him. Making him victim number four.
8) Wall E. Greens was a pharmacist so logically he would have Asprin and Tylenol in his travel case. Making him victim number eight.
2) Jim LeClaire was a baker. So may be he was going to a baking competition and needed to bring vanilla and chocolate flavoring. I guess he needed an emergency supply of baking materials in his backpack. This would make him victim two.
6) Archie Starr was a teacher who loved sugar free drinks. Artificial sweetener would suit Archie just right for sugar water. So having it on hand in a man bag seems normal enough, therefore Archie Starr is victim number six.
3) Michael Phelps is in a mid life crisis and went down the wrong path. He was suspended for drug violations so logically the painkillers would be in his blood and pockets. So he is deemed victim number three.
1) Gus Fring was a suspected drug dealer!!! Shady man doing shady meth things in his luggage. Making him victim one!



7) Lisa Jo the env. engineer may have been a depressant, but she is also a MURDERER. The anti-depressant was in her blood which would be expected of a depressed person. But she also happened to have rat poison in her pocket. Which happened to be found in someones blood.
5) Natasha Putin the Russian flight attendant sadly was the one who was murdered. She had rat poison in her blood, meaning she had died mid flight.
9) Ayman al-Zawahiri the suspected leader of a terrorist group just so happened to have TNT in a carry-on bag. An easy access to an explosive is a easy way to take a down a plane. The TNT was also found at the scene of the crash meaning that he had to have taken the plane down.
4 C's: Creativity!