[an(abundance)/of Katherines]

jonh green

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Colin Singleton is a prodigy or genius who just graduated from high school. Colin, sadly, was just dumped by his nineteenth girlfriend in a row and all of his girlfriends have the name of Katherine. And is now on a road trip to nowhere. Well, he wound up in Kentucky, and found some one who can stand him. (Which is not named Katherine) ;p

john green

is the Printz Award-winning author of Looking for Alaska. He lives in New York City with his wife. Before he got married, he was dumped fifty-three times. But never by a Katheriine. he also has a you tube channel.


I think John done another great job, and I suggest this book to any one expect for those how hate smarty pants, brake ups that last a life time, or confusing equations. I read this book because my sister has not read it yet. My favored part was when Colin slipped on a rock and broke his glasses, I like it because I can relate. I didn't like the book because Colin always talks about K-19.

i give a 10 / 10 quality

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(not so good)
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