Bill Gates

By : Alex Perperidis

Bill Gates's life

Bill Gates was born in October 28, 1955. He is 59 years old. He was born in Seattle, Washington. Bill gates saw interest in computer programming when he was 13.
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The Story of Bill Gates - a Rich Man

Why Bill Gates Decided to make microsoft

When Bill Gates created Microsoft he had vision that every home should have a computer (preferably with Windows) and he achieved it. You have to give it to them. Windows was written from scratch by MS. Though I would agree that in there desperate attempt to be different from Unix they created a lot of headache for the programmers who were well versed with Unix. Anyways he achieved his vision, in less than 25 years. :)

Everything went well and they came up with the Office package. Just imagine your office life with using MS office from Excel to Power-point to Word to Visio everything is indispensable.

Xbox is another product which is widely acclaimed.

Other than that we cannot forget how evolved Visual Studio is, as an IDE. Its the most smooth IDE I've ever worked on. Access, mySQL are very very efficient DBs. MSDN is the best developer's network ever.

These are just a few of there software packages.I can go on naming product of MS which atleast changed my world and the people around me. I'm huge fan of Windows phone too. So hats off to Bill Gates, exceptionally blessed programmer of his time for founding Microsoft just when it was required. Ekta Mishra