Texas History Project

By: Cynthia Munoz


There were two types of slaves. Field Slaves worked 18 hours a day. It was not easy, they worked from sunrise till sunset.

House Slaves 3 main duties were to clean, cook, serve the meals, and took care of there mister and mistress children. The hardest task was to cook. They had to get up really early to cook breakfast and finish really late from finishing off dinner.

They didn't get there Sundays off they went to church with there master and mistress.

There advantage as a house slave was they had a better chance of reading and writing.

Slave Owners

White people weren't the only ones to own slaves, black people owned slaves too some even there own family members. Black slaves owners treated there family members as free persons.
The white slaves were located in South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.
Slavery was totally legal from 1654 to 1865. Slaves would usually be young males.


Abolitionist are people who are against slavery and wanted to free them. The most famous activity was the underground railroad. The underground Railroad starts from the southern states to Canada. William Lloyd Garrison's paper was called "The Liberator". John Brown was the one who attacked Harper's Ferry. John Brown attacked in 1859. Robert E. Lee commanded the Marines to capture John Brown. John Brown was hung in Charles Town, Virginia, and he was a conductor in the Underground Railroad. One person that is against slavery is Frederick Douglas.
Frederick Douglas was born in February 17, 1818 in Talbot, County and died in February 20 1859 in Washington D.C.