SUPER Sod!um Hypochlor!te

By Sumaya Barrett

What is Sodium Hypochlorite ???

  • What is this products is this compound found in ?
-The products this compound is found in Bleach , Surface purification , odor removal , & water disinfection.
  • Physical/Chemical Properties -Sodium hypochlorite is only found as a solution in water , due to the manufacturing process. Solid sodium hypochlorite is unstable at room temperature and so does not really exist. It is a powerful oxidant typically found at a concentration of 12-16% active chlorine for industrial use, and is most often sold for domestic household use at 1-3% active chlorine.
  • What is this compound used for ?
-This is used for cleaning & disinfecting things . For EXAMPLE : Drinking water , pools , bleaching agent.
  • How does this compound impact our lives ?
- This compounds impact our lives by making things cleaner & Lower our changes of getting sick . Also it impacts us in a bad way , its not good to inhale it & drinking it can cause death or serious damage.
  • What makes this product useful/Why is it used in these products?

-Because this compound disinfect things , we are safer & get sick less because it kills germs . Its used in these products because they also are used to clean & disinfect things .

  • Do i feel like this compound is necessary ingredient?
-Yes i feel like this product is VERY necessary because this product is making use safer . If it wasnt for this compound everyone will be sick because germs are every where you go & on everything you touch & sodium hypochlorite kills 99.9% of germs !