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Using Templates in Google Docs


All too often, we open a Google Doc with the desire to begin with a blank slate. But, if you're looking to complete a specific project, why not turn to the Template Gallery in Google Docs for assistance? This is a built-in warehouse of all things templates that can make your life more efficient and document creation that much easier. The layout and descriptions are below, along with the template library for the entire Davenport Community School District!

Template Types

The Template Library is divided up into several sections for use as teachers and to submit to students. They are outlined in resumes, letters, education, and work templates. Each of these categories includes individual templates for your use.

Resumes and Letters

Included in this category are individual resumes and letters to use. The resume templates are nice because the formatting has already been completed, so all that needs filled in is your individual information. There are four varieties to choose from, making the resume creation process much quicker. Within the letters category are five templates. A few of those included are an informal letter, a business letter, or a Swiss style letter.

Education Templates

This is the most useful category to us as teachers. What's even better is that there are thirteen templates within this category! A few examples of templates are reports, science projects, class notes, and even a lesson plan template! Sending these to students would be simple as well. Select the template you'd like to use, then rename it whatever you'd like. Once it's been renamed, it will show up in your Drive. Attach it to an assignment to Google Classroom, and with a few mouse clicks, you've created an assignment, helped students with a template, and been efficient in doing so!

Business Templates

Even though this is aimed at the business audience, these templates can easily be used for the classroom, especially with a project-based assignment. The templates for classroom use include a variety of brochures and newsletters, all which could easily be transferred to complete an assignment to conclude a unit.

Brand New Templates!

Earlier this week, Google released a few new templates for Docs, along with Sheets and Slides. But, the templates for Docs are really focused on the teacher. Reading Rainbow (yep, that one!) has created and released the Docs templates for a book report and a teacher lesson plan. Each are nicely organized and allows for very thorough project completion.

The Best Section of this Newsletter!

Did you know that Davenport has its own bank of templates for your use?! There have been templates created by other teachers in Davenport that have been uploaded for you. All you have to do is access them from the website! Please follow the Davenport Community Schools Templates link to access them. One template that Sudlow has created and uploaded is that of an MLA format for an essay. It's simple to do and really saves you a lot of time!

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